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Hi! :wave:

I’m one of the co-founders here along with Antony McMullen.

At the beginning of 2022 I stepped out of a role of 10 years into a portfolio career, which includes innovation consulting at Vibrance, and working as a Development Partner at RMIT FORWARD - The Centre for Future Skills and Workforce Transformation.
I am also steadily building up my own company Collaborate and Deliver, through which I provide advisory related to strategy, technology and product development.
Music is my passion, and I spent my 20’s chasing that dream in my band Sodastream. I’m thankful to be still recording and performing with my long time collaborator Karl Smith, these days under the name Smith & Cohen.

I believe that the future of work will be profoundly different to what we have experienced in decades past, and will be more networked in nature. In other words, I think freelancing will be norm. That’s why I’m keen to explore how we can have the best of both worlds - the flexibility and variety of being an independent operator, as well as some of the benefits traditionally enjoyed by employees.

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Hi everyone new to the Freelancers Society and thanks Pete.

I am working with Pete on this initiative although I think Pete is doing the bulk of the work so far!

I am involved in the co-operative movement and have founded two co-operatives:

I think that freelancers of all kinds need a space to develop with others for mutual support from peers. I am looking forward to being part of this community.


Hi Everyone. I am also associated with RMIT FORWARD. I was working with Pete until a few months ago, but am now an Industry Fellow so still collaborating on a few things and working independently. I have worked on and off in a freelance/consultant.project capacity in the creative industries + placemaking sector mostly.

Congrats Pete and Anthony for bringing us all together - I love the idea of building a community around freelance / micro-business practise to share knowledge and create buying power. As i see it - no need to reinvent the wheel or make all the same mistakes.


Hi all, I meet @petecohen through altMBA (an Akimbo course) a few years back and have since been stalking him :sweat_smile: - with much admiration. After working as an employee / consultant for many years, and post the GREAT AWAKENING that is the pandemic; I haven’t really wanted to go back into that mode of working. I believe there is a massive win-win for the community (both the industry and the people in it) that comes as a result of collaboration amongst Freelancers. It’s still very much a discovery phase for me, I’m keen to learn from others more experienced in the field.

Thanks for the invite to be a part of this community - VERY excited to contribute where I can!


Great to have you here Kate!
As a fellow portfolio careerist, your perspective will be really valuable.
And also the creative industries angle is highly relevant - there are lots of people straddling (or should I say juggling?) a creative career as well as other pursuits.

Welcome Shelvia!
Your journey is an inspiration to me - that you had the courage to make the leap from the corporate into your own business.
And I have witnessed many times you being such a catalyst and positive contributor to the communities that you are part of - so we are really lucky to have you here!

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