Networking the Gig Economy: Options for the Future of Work

Here’s another discussion (this idea has been brewing for a while):

On June 24, 2022, a panel discussion titled “Networking the Gig Economy: Options for the Future of Work” was organized in collaboration with the RMIT Centre for Future Skills and Workforce Transformation. The discussion centered around the challenges faced by self-employed freelancers, including issues like sickness, late payments, and limited support for business growth. Freelancers in Australia, considered one of the most disadvantaged worker groups, prompted an inquiry by the Australian Senate.

The panel included experts who explored innovative ways for freelancers to collaborate and thrive in the gig economy. Panellists included John Paller, founder of Opolis, a digital employment co-operative; Godfrey Moase, United Workers Union leader and co-founder of CoPower; Rebecca Stewart, a freelance illustrator; Dr Julian Waters-Lynch, an RMIT lecturer specializing in creative labour organisation; and Maize Wallin, a Melbourne-based co-founder of Australia’s trade union for games workers. The discussion delved into emerging technologies like web3, tokens, and DAOs (Digital Autonomous Organizations) as potential infrastructure for improving the freelancing landscape.