Spinal cord injury insurance

The Paraplegic Benefit Fund (PBF) is a charity and a member based organisation dedicated to spinal cord injury prevention and support.

Its not nice to think about, but spinal cord injuries can happen very suddenly and unexpectedly. Many will remember the harrowing accident Victorian premier Dan Andrews experienced when he slipped on some stairs. He was lucky to narrowly avoid permanent injury. We have heard another story of a local technology executive who collapsed in a hotel bathroom while on a business trip overseas. He unfortunately sustained permanent spinal damage leaving him unable to work.

One of the benefits of PBF membership is eligibility for a $250,000 benefit payment in the case where a permanent spinal cord injury is sustained.

Through the Co-operative Freelancers Society Corporate membership, we can access membership at the discounted price of $42 per person rather than the usual $55, or $80 for a family (2 adults and 2 children) rather than the usual $95.

This is one examole of how our member based organisation (when we launch) can group buy benefits from other organisatinns that are similarly member focussed. In fact this opportunity is available now. Thanks @petecohen

I just used the Co-operative Freelancers Society corporate membership to upgrade my existing Double membership to a Family membership at the same price ($80 for the year).

This article from the weekend really bought home the reality of dealing with spinal injury.

Information sheet attached.

PBF Australia - Cooperative Freelancers Society.pdf (1.5 MB)

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Pete so this is available for everyone in our budding network?